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How does Company Registry work?

Every UK business has the option to claim a secure vault for the company (LTD, LP, LLP). Our service is trusted by thousands of companies across the UK to keep them organised and informed about their business details.

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Safe & Secure

We take your privacy and data seriously. Your company data is securely stored and encrypted at all times.

Easy To Use

Our system was built with simplicity in mind - we aim to make accessing your company information easy and hassle free.

Trusted By Thousands

We’re trusted by thousands of UK companies nationwide. With 99.9% uptime your data is always available.


Features for all companies, big and small

Open a full-featured account in with virtual cards in less than 5 minutes.


Incorporation Documents

24/7 access to your incorporation documents, ensuring you have essential business records at your fingertips whenever you need them.


Filing Reminders

Never miss a tax deadline again as our platform sends you timely filing reminders, helping you stay compliant and stress-free.


Cloud Storage Vault

Safeguard important business files with your secure cloud storage vault. A trusted backup solution and easy access from anywhere.


Company Access Codes

Safely store and access essential company access codes (UTR, VAT, Auth Codes, Government Gateway etc.)


Business Templates

Explore our extensive library of fully customisable business document templates. Download & use for free. Work smarter, not harder.


Growth Resources

Boost your business with handpicked partner resources, providing valuable insights and growth tools to help propel your company's success.

Great service! My company vault allows me to store access codes. It also reminds me to file on time. I highly recommend it for any business owner.

Jeremy Zhang

— Coffee Shop Owner

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Activating your account is as easy as...

When you incorporated your UK company you will receive a letter from us in the mail with a unique reference code for your business. Complete the steps below to activate.


1. Enter Reference Code

Effortlessly create your account by entering your reference number and embark on a personalised journey.


2. Confirm Company Details

Ensure accuracy and validation by confirming your company details in the next step, streamlining your business processes.


3. Pay Fee & Activate Vault

Complete your payment and unlock the secure vault for your company by activating it, ensuring enhanced data protection and accessibility.

Never miss an important filing date again.

Receive automatic SMS & email reminders to ensure you meet your tax filing and annual submission deadlines. Eliminate the risk of costly penalties and expensive fines.

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Enter your 10 digit reference code.

This Company Registry Secure Vault service is not affiliated with Companies House, HMRC or any other government agency. The intended purpose of this product is to provide your new business with organised records of your company data, automatic SMS/email deadline reminders for tax filing dates and a secure hub for storing your company documents. This is an optional service. The letter you received is not a bill due. To activate your account enter your 10-digit reference code and follow the activation steps.