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We believe in the power of innovation to transform the way businesses operate. Founded with a passion for empowering new businesses, we are a dynamic software and tech startup committed to providing cutting-edge tools that enhance efficiency, organization, and promotion for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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We're a small team with a big vision. Company Registry was born out of a desire to provide new businesses with tools to make them more efficient and help them grow.

Company Registry is a trading name of Company Registry LLC. Based in the heart of Arkansas, USA. Our team operates remotely from around the world. Contact us on support@company-registry.org

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This Company Registry Secure Vault service is not affiliated with Companies House, HMRC or any other government agency. The intended purpose of this product is to provide your new business with organised records of your company data, automatic SMS/email deadline reminders for tax filing dates and a secure hub for storing your company documents. This is an optional service. The letter you received is not a bill due. To activate your account enter your 10-digit reference code and follow the activation steps.